Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are You a Sponge or a Rock?

Interesting what we are continuing to discover about how our brains work.

A recent study is showing what was intuited almost a half century ago by a true “movement genius” – that our awareness is developed, and can be enhanced, through movement.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli Physicist and Engineer, discovered that our ability to discern differences has it’s roots in movement.

He, as well as those who have trained under him, experienced that the more you are able to detect finer and finer differences in ways that you move, the more you are able to differentiate in your thinking, sensing, and emoting.

THIS study demonstrates that sensorimotor circuits (circuits that have both sensory as well as movement abilities) are the basis for our ability to understand language.

You see, if you are carrying around excess tension within your muscular system, you are hindering your ability to integrate fully your interactions with the outside world (i.e. being able to be fully ‘present’ in business dealings, in relationships, and with life in general!)

If you’re tense and uptight, you are simply going to be missing some things.

So, in developing, and refining your capacity to move, you will continue to evolve, develop, and gain in this process called life.

Think that sounds pretty cool? It is…


What are you doing to enhance your ability to take in more of life?


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Chad Estes

Movement Specialist

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